Help for Public Speakers

"When a bad helper helps you, you are angry at the helper who wasted your time.
When a good helper helps you, you are grateful and offer praise.
When a great helper helps you, you say, "I did it myself!"*

The job of the helper is to help you be your best self,
using your best gifts, in the service of your best goals.  


How Can I Help You as a Speaker?

I have been coaching storytellers and other speakers since the 1980s. I am an award-winning author, performer, teacher, and coach.

I offer individual coaching via phone, video calls, and in person. I am also offering a 3-hour (2 sessions of 90 minutes each) online course in March, 2018. (See below.)

I am an expert on helping you get the most from incorporating stories in your speech—and creating a seamless whole that both moves and edifies your listeners. 

Read about my experience, qualifications, and approach to helping public speakers.


Online Course: What I Learned by Giving a TEDx Talk 

With only 3 months to prepare a TEDx talk from scratch, I ended up creating my own crash course in dozens of topics.

This March, in two online session, I will share what I learned, including how-to pages, documents, and answering however many questions you may have.  

Learn more!


Individual Coaching — Skype, Zoom, Phone, or In-person

Having coached countless people over the years, I can be efficient at helping you understand and take action on:

  • The strengths you've already developed, and how to build on them;
  • What you're doing, unawarely, that gets in your way;
  • Your deep goals for your talk, and how to support it with body, mind, and spirit;
  • The next steps that will take your speech to success. 

* Very freely adapted from Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching