Coaching (phone, Zoom, Skype, or in-person)

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COACHING BUNDLES PRICE LIST white bkgrndv4.0.png

Coaching (phone, Zoom, Skype, or in-person)

from 110.00

I offer coaching either on the phone, via or Skype (audio or video), or in-person.

You can buy an hour (or even less) of coaching time. Or you can save by buying a bundle of hours. (Click the “Individual Coaching Bundles” graphic to view a larger version. )

You can even schedule an in-house solo coaching intensive: 12 hours at my house (just south of Springfield, MA; just north of Enfield, CT), over two or three days!

The larger the bundle, the less you pay per hour.

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For how I coach and my credentials as a coach, please see

All coaching bundles come with these features:

1. Full guarantee! If you are not delighted with the coaching you get, I will refund your full payment. (By the way, no one has ever wanted this refund!)


2. Convenient Scheduling. You and I will schedule your coaching sessions at our mutual convenience—regardless of your time zone or schedule. We'll schedule the first call by email; after that, we'll set up future sessions while on the phone.

    3. Free recordings of your sessions, for you to keep! With your permission, I will record our call, then email you a link to the downloadable recording later the same day. Download and listen at your convenience!

    4. Minute Billing. I will convert the number of hours in your bundle into minutes, then subtract only those minutes you actually use on each call. This means your 3-hour bundle is really a 180-minute bundle. If your first call is 43 minutes long, you'll still have 137 minutes left to use! (Not available on a 1-hour purchase.)

    5. Never expires! No need to worry about losing your coaching time. The coaching time you bought has no expiration date.