"Story the Future" Coaching Discount

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"Story the Future" Coaching Discount

from 85.00

Now: individual coaching from $85 for 1 hour. (Save $110—or more!)

Important! To purchase coaching at this highly discounted price, you must verify your enrollment in any part of the “Story the Future” summit.

(After you place your order, forward your Story the Future registration confirmation email to me at doug.stf@storydynamics.com). If I don’t receive it within 3 days of your order, I will cancel your order (and refund your payment).

I offer individual coaching either on the phone, via Zoom, Skype (audio or video), or in-person. 

This discount on individual coaching offers you three choices:

  1. One hour for $85 (save $110)

  2. Three hours for $249 (you save $336), with the option to save another $336 on any other bundle (if you buy the second bundle before you've used the last of your first bundle). Or:

  3. Nine hours for $795 (you save $775 over the normal 9-hourbundle cost, and $103 over waiting to buy a second bundle (of 6 more hours).

This sale is only available for attendees of “Story the Future',” which is being held September 10-30, 2018: http://StoryTheFuture.com

To receive this discount, you must make your purchase before October 5, 2018!

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For how I coach and my credentials as a coach, please see http://StorytellingCoach.info

All coaching bundles come with these features:

1) Full guarantee! If you are not delighted with the coaching you get, I will refund your full payment. (By the way, no one has ever wanted this refund!)


2. Convenient Scheduling. You and I will schedule your coaching sessions at our mutual convenience—regardless of your time zone or schedule. We'll schedule the first call by email; after that, we'll set up future sessions while on the phone.

3. Free recordings of your sessions, for you to keep! With your permission, I will record our call, then email you a link to the downloadable recording later the same day. Download and listen at your convenience!

4. Minute Billing. I will convert the number of hours in your bundle into minutes, then subtract only those minutes you actually use on each call. This means your 3-hour bundle is really a 180-minute bundle. If your first call is 43 minutes long, you'll still have 137 minutes left to use! 

5. Never expires! No need to worry about losing your coaching time. The coaching time you bought has no expiration date.