The Story Dynamics Store

My goal is to assist you to use and enjoy stories—especially emphasizing the transformative power of storytelling. As a means to that goal, I offer this on-line store.

You will find products, courses, coaching, and events to help you in three areas:

LEARN Storytelling

  • Instructional materials about storytelling, in many formats;
  • Workshops - in person, via telephone, and via correspondance - to register for.
  • Individual coaching - in person, via phone, Skype or GoToMeeting

Marketing and Storytelling

  • Instructional materials about using storytelling to spread the word about you, your organization, or your products;

  • Instruction materials to help you use storytelling as part of marketing. 

Storytelling Recordings

  • Stories for adults, older children, and also for young children;
  • Stories to enjoy and to use in your work—in written and recorded forms.


Things you can pay for over time:

  • Products that can come monthly
  • Web hosting and domain name registrations
  • Ongoing services


Doug Lipman