Storytelling is a key tool in marketing anything! At the same time, you may need to market your storytelling services. So this section will provide instructional materials and courses about: Using storytelling to spread the word about you, your organization, or your products; How to approach marketing your work as a storyteller.

The "Who Needs My Wisdom" Kit

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The "Who Needs My Wisdom" Kit


A simple, foolproof process for discovering people who desperately want the help that you already know how to give.

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Your “Who Needs My Wisdom” kit will help you use the Internet to determine what solutions people are actively seeking—in areas likely to relate to your expertise. Then it gives you a chance to recognize which exact problems can be solved easily, using your unique storytelling abilities.

This kit doesn’t just give you theory, though. It is completely practical. It guides you through seven simple steps that are guaranteed to result in at least five “doorways”—five urgent and important problems that are uniquely suited to your storytelling skills and wisdom.

If you go through all seven steps, filling out the worksheets along the way, I guarantee you’ll end up with two valuable results:

  1. You’ll agree that you do, in fact, have skills that can be used to help solve urgent, important problems for particular groups of people;
  2. You’ll have a list of five such problems (and a rough sketch of how you would help solve them) that you can later turn into sources of income.

To guide your future work, I include in this kit a brief outline of further steps to take in order to supplement your income by solving the problems you will have found.

I even include suggested resource links for taking your next steps toward a sustainable storytelling income.

What You Get

Your “Who Needs My Wisdom” kit comes with everything you need, in order to complete this process at your own speed:

  1. Over twenty pages of detailed, illustrated, step-by-step instructions.
  2. Seven worksheets to fill out as you complete each of the seven steps.
  3. A "Progress Checklist” to track your progression through the seven steps.
  4. All the above documents in PDF format for you to print out and fill in by hand;
  5. The "Progress Checklist" plus the seven worksheets in Word document format (.docx) so, if you prefer, you can fill them out on your computer. This is a handy timesaver for copying and pasting your Internet search results!
  6. A certificate for a 15-minute coaching call with me, in case you get stuck at any point in this process. ($60 value! See
  7. My complete guarantee: If you get stuck or do not get satisfactory results—and the coaching call doesn’t fix your problem—I’ll cheerfully refund your purchase price and give you another $50 out of my own pocket, just to compensate you for wasting your time.

All you need is access to a computer with web access and about three hours of your time.

Once you understand that your skills and wisdom are needed—and by whom—you'll be ready to start offering your services and products in new, lucrative ways.

Now, thanks to this kit and its guarantee, you can explore new possibilities at no risk to you. Then you'll be ready to start putting your existing skills to work—so they can begin helping people who are desperate for what you can do!


"I love this kit.
It's almost like magic: you fill in the boxes and, before you know it, you have found things your skills are good for.
It's systematic, easy, friendly, and so useful."

Fran Yardley, storyteller and healing arts facilitator, Middle Saranac Lake, NY