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The Connection Lens (2.5 hour workshop in Marshfield, MA)
20.00 50.00

Our society views the world through the us-versus-them lens of conflict. This lens is so pervasive that we even accept "characters in conflict" as an essential part of story structure. But what happens if we view our stories through the expansive lens of connection?

In this 2-and-a-half-hour workshop, I’ll help you examine an unshaped story through both lenses, so that you'll be able to choose the most helpful view for any given story.

We’ll end by zooming out to our effect on society: how can shaping our stories around connection help transcend the barriers caused by the conflict mindset?

I will offer this same workshop at the "Sharing the Fire" storytelling Confernce (in Plymouth, MA, the weekend of March 24-26).

Registering for one of these advance workshops is an opportunity to:

  • Experience this workshop if you can't make it to Sharing the Fire;
  • Attend this workshop in advance, so you'll be able to attend other workshops at Sharing the Fire; 
  • Help me work out any kinks in this workshop before the conference.

I'm offering this preview workshop 3 times; choose the date that works for you.

This workshop costs just $50, but I'm offering it at a discount: only $20 if you register by February 23 and are one of the first 6 to apply for your choice of dates.

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