What Is Your Storytelling Desire?

Doug Lipman began as a teacher of highly resistant adolescents with behavior problems.
One day he told them a story; they responded deeply.

Ever since, Doug has been helping others experience the power of storytelling:
in their lives, in their efforts to empower others, and in their organizations. Doug has taught, coached and performed across the globe.

The author of award-winning books and recordings, in 2017 Doug was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for “sustained and exemplary contributions to storytelling in North America.”

Learn storytelling

Doug offers books, toolkits, online courses, free articles and more, to help you begin or improve your storytelling.

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Empower Others to tell their stories

Doug has coached and taught storytelling to over 1000 people, from corporate CEOs to death-row exonerees who speak against the death penalty.

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Bring Doug for an engagement

A highly experienced and acclaimed performer, Doug also offers trainings, performances, and on-site workshops and courses.—for all kinds of organizations.

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